Elder Mae Louise Campbell

Born in 1934 into a family that lived off the land in northern Manitoba, Elder Mae Louise Campbell grew up rooted in nature’s cycles and Indigenous cultural values.
But colonization and residential schools cast their shadows of alcoholism, violence, and sexual abuse on her community and family. She became a mother early, raising five children under difficult circumstances, but still knowing that only in the spiritual ways of her ancestors could healing and balance return to her community.

For over 81 years, Elder Mae Louise has taught and supported people in a variety of circumstances, from post-secondary educators, students, health workers, and administrators to women leaving prisons and addictions. Governments, band councils, service organizations, and communities in her home province and nationally rely on her guidance.

Today, she is Elder in Residence at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Social Work and Red River College. For more than 16 years, she was the Keeper of Grandmother Moon Lodge, a healing lodge in rural Manitoba that served over a thousand Indigenous women.
Elder Mae Louise embodies a healing spirit, knowing from experience that only when women take their rightful places  as healers, leaders, and grandmothers – all walking proud – can families and communities heal.

Reference: Indspire.ca

Photo by: the projector.ca

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