Ken Wong

Meet Ken Wong, a SpiritFusion Yoga instructor, who will be guiding our practice at the upcoming ‘7 Natural ways of Healing’ Yoga Retreat.

Ken has led SpiritFusion’s first two yoga series and continues to build a strong relationship with his students.

Previously trained in martial arts, Ken found yoga in 2010 and immediately loved it. Completing a personal 1,000 day yoga challenge and teacher trainings (Vinyasa Flow, Moksha, AcroYoga, Barre), Ken continues to learn and grow his practice.

Breath-awareness with physical conditioning is what he loves about yoga (especially if it involves inversions or arm balances). Extending beyond this individual practice lies another passion – AcroYoga: being in the moment and in balance with another.

Previously working for Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer, Ken still writes computer software when he’s not taking yoga classes or playing AcroYoga.

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