Crissy Parisian

Crissy has been a hand drummer with SpiritFusion since our first yoga class and continues to grow with us as a family. Crissy will be sharing her gift of music, along side her sister April Slater, at our upcoming ‘7 Natural Ways of Healing’ Yoga Retreat for Women.

Crissy Parisian, mother of eight, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she is a Cree / Ojibwa woman from Peguis First Nations and Grand Rapids in Manitoba. Crissy has been singing since she was a child and has been specifically practicing pow wow / round dance songs since 2007 with Peter Parisian. Peter gifted Crissy her very first hand drum and has continued to have great influence over Crissy’s singing and song writing. She also started singing with the Parisian family drum group ‘Buffalo Red Thunder’ and shortly after that they, Crissy and Peter, were gifted a drum and later started their own drum group ‘Loud Thunder Singers’.

In 2013 Crissy started to embrace her traditional Indigenous roots through ceremonies and for the first time was asked to sing for the Sundance ceremony. Crissy welcomed this honourable role and joined a women’s singing group called ‘Oogima Ikwewok’ where she learned more ceremonial songs. After accepting tobacco Crissy started to share her gifts with SpiritFusion, exploring a new way of healing and sharing. Crissy loves to share her voice with people publicly and through ceremony and will be continue to grow with SpiritFusion every step of the way.

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