Patricia Caribou

SpiritFusion is honoured to introduce you to Patricia Caribou, BSW, MCSW is a Clinical Social Worker and Indigenous Healer who has graciously accepted tobacco to lead our ‘Letting Go with the Seven Sacred Teachings’ Yoga Retreat. Patricia has also shared her yoga practice with SpiritFusion for the ‘Honour Your Body’ Yoga Series and also shared her teachings for the duration of ‘Letting Go with the Seven Sacred Teachings’ Yoga Series.

Patricia has created a blend of clinical therapy and indigenous healing through life changing experiences. She lived through mental illness, abuse, addictions and violence. In an effort to take back her power, she asked for help and was led to many great teachers with various healing practices. She gained insight into how she ended up in so much pain and used the new found ideas and practices to manage her feelings and release the pain.

Since 1992, Patricia has been sharing her healing gifts with men, women and children to release their pain and find their authentic selves. Her passion is learning to love more.

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