Jade Harper, Founder & Owner

Jade Harper, founder and owner, manages SpiritFusion and brings with her several years experience in program development and management with specialized skills in the areas of group facilitation, community mobilization, engagement and consultation. As a Cree and Anishinaabe woman originally from Peguis First Nations, Jade incorporates holistic Indigenous philosophies into her work to ensure that the processes that she facilitates are respectful of the unique and diverse needs of families and individuals. Jade is also a passionate yogi, a student that has practiced yoga for 7 years for the purpose of healing and holistic wellness.

Jade has dedicated both her professional and community life to supporting the health and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and as such has worked at the local, provincial, and national levels on issues such as education, youth capacity development, health, violence and sexual exploitation of Indigenous women and girls, and children and family services. She is passionate about her work whether it is on the frontlines counseling and mentoring youth or working to make broader systemic change through the provision of strategic policy advice. This passion is also evident in her commitment to volunteerism.

In addition to her community work Jade is also the sole proprietor of Spirit Fusion, the mobile yoga studio that marries Cree and Ojibwe teachings with the practice of yoga. Most recently Jade successfully completed the award-winning Coady International Institute’s Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program at St. Xavier University. Her participation in the program provided her with the opportunity to develop the Village Walk project which provides group walking tours through Winnipeg’s North End in an effort to encourage families to get to know their community while engaging in physical activity and discussions about healthy lifestyle choices.

4 thoughts on “Jade Harper, Founder & Owner

  1. Hi Jade, I heard your interview on CBC yesterday (April 17) and I’m wondering if you’d be willing to come out to our school (St. James Collegiate) and run a spirit fusion class for our Indigenous Student Group? If yes, what is the fee? and what are some possible dates?

    Thank you.

    Lauree Kopetsky (lkopetsky@sjsd.net)
    Teacher/Group Advisor

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  2. Hi Jade!
    I was in your Spirit Fusion workshop at Canadinn Polo Park. I would like my bring my students
    from Hollow Water for a session in Winnipeg or if possible, you would be able to come here for my Adult Ed. students. Please let me know the cost for this.
    Thank you,
    Joy Auriat


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