‘Letting Go with the Seven Sacred Teachings’ Blog

July 28, 2015

2 Years

Girl starts school full time
Girl works full time
Boy meets girl
Boy Loves girl
Girl leaves work to focus on school
Girl gets anxiety
Girl gets overwhelmed with fear
Boy leaves girl
Girl is sad
Girl fails school
Girl has surgery
Girl loses support for school
Girl leaves school
Girl moves home
Girl feels lost…sad…angry
Family loves girl
Friends love girl
Community embraces girl
Girl goes to ceremony
Girl does yoga
Girl is resilient
Girl gets courage
Girl tries again
Girl starts her own business
Girl gets accepted into a special project
Girl applies back to university
Girl applies for funding
Girl completes special project
Girl gets accepted into university
Girl gets funded for school
Girl meets boy…

Written By: Jade Harper

Ekosi. Namaste.

July 27, 2015

Welcome to my first post! I am so honoured that you have stopped by and I hope that my experiences, thoughts and reflections will help you on your journey to letting go.

Over the past 8 months I have been developing SpiritFusion as a business. The foundation of SpiritFusion comes from the core of my personal healing journey, my passion to help people and my excitement for life. I have this insatiable hunger to explore how I can create an environment where we can grow stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, together. As a new entrepreneur I understand that life unfolds in many odd, scary, sad, happy, exciting ways and the best part of these adventures is that I get to own all of it. I don’t think I understood the depth of my personal capacity to accept disappointment and the unknown until I started developing SpiritFusion as a business. For example; I inherently believed that failure was a sign of weakness and I often used my mistakes to reenforce my feelings of inadequacy. I learned very quickly that this type of misconception can lead to self sabotage and eventually to the demise of my business and I needed to let it go. In the past I have been motivated by a variety of outside factors to make changes. When it comes to SpiritFusion, this is my heart and spirit at work and when you’re doing work from the most authentic part of you I believe that the universe helps lead you to success. Since I have let go of failure being a weakness I learned that success feels that much greater and for the first time, so does failure. It seems a bit odd to say failure feels good, it doesn’t actually make me feel good but I have learned to accept failures on a completely different level. When I fail, I fail at doing something that I love. And this makes it a whole new ball game. Namaste. Ekosi. Jade Harper

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